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The Fashion Collection Lovey & Dovey on white - one size diaper
The Fashion Collection Lovey & Dovey on white - one size diaper


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What makes the Charlie Banana® Fashion Collection diapers so special?

The Fashion Collection by Matthew Langille, are innovative, modern hybrid diapers available in six original designs including BlackBeary, Lovey and Dovey, Handsome, Cutie, Robot and Petit Coeur all featuring punchy colors and an artistic, retro feel. This exclusive line of chic options features upbeat humorous prints, revitalizing the cloth diaper industry and making this Fashion Collection even more fashionable for baby. Each diaper print uses pops of color and quirky, lighthearted designs.

Best of all the Fashion Collection features the Charlie Banana® modernized One Size Diapering System to save parents time and provide efficient, quality, baby-approved sizing technology. Charlie Banana® 2-in-1 Reusable One Size diapering system uses the same elastic material as the former One Size system, but parents can now adjust the diaper with the no-slip, bra-strap design, making it possible to change the diaper from small to large in one easy step. The sizing adjustment straps are tucked nicely in the interior fleece so no part of the elastic or adjustment system touches baby's delicate skin.

Eco-friendly Cloth diapers - Sized versus One Size?
  • Some mothers prefer the sized diapers as no adjustments are needed and they always give a perfect fit.
  • Charlie banana Diapers This is especially true for the Small size diapers. Many babies are light weight upon arrival and it is harder to fit a one size diapers as snugly as a Small Size on an underweight baby.
  • We often recommend to get a couple of each size as you will use them all anyway and see what you like best, then add more of your favorite style and colour as you wish.
  • Every baby is different and it is really a personal preference. 
  • They are both great diapers. Really!!
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