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The Fashion Collection The Kate - one size diaper
The Fashion Collection The Kate - one size diaper


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What makes the Charlie Banana® Fashion Collection diapers so special?

The Fashion Collection by Matthew Langille, are innovative, modern hybrid diapers available in six original designs including BlackBeary, Lovey and Dovey, Handsome, Cutie, Robot and Petit Coeur – all featuring punchy colors and an artistic, retro feel. This exclusive line of chic options features upbeat humorous prints, revitalizing the cloth diaper industry and making this Fashion Collection even more fashionable for baby. Each diaper print uses pops of color and quirky, lighthearted designs.

Best of all the Fashion Collection features the Charlie Banana® modernized One Size Diapering System to save parents time and provide efficient, quality, baby-approved sizing technology. Charlie Banana® 2-in-1 Reusable One Size diapering system uses the same elastic material as the former One Size system, but parents can now adjust the diaper with the no-slip, bra-strap design, making it possible to change the diaper from small to large in one easy step. The sizing adjustment straps are tucked nicely in the interior fleece so no part of the elastic or adjustment system touches baby's delicate skin.

Charlie Banana® Reusable Diapering System, 1 Diaper and 2 Inserts (One Size)

The innovative, high quality and earth-friendly Charlie Banana® Reusable Diapering System includes 1 cloth diaper and 2 highly absorbent, reusable (washable inserts). The resizable safe-snap system allows the one-size diaper to adjust as you baby grows up. Highly absorbent inserts make these cloth diapers great for both daily and overnight use.

  • Contains 1 diaper and 2 reusable (washable) inserts (extra small/small and medium/large).
  • Safe-snap system adjusts as your baby grows.
  • Can be used with both washable and disposable inserts.
  • Wide leak-proof leg casings help to keep messes contained.
  • Wide-back elastic for comfort and slim fit.
  • Front flap opening allows easy access to inserts.
  • Side snaps help make it easy to wrap up the diaper after use.
  • As baby grows (we recommend 4 months), both inserts can be used together for maximum absorbency.
  • Patent-pending bra-strap design includes a triple bar buckle, which allows for a more secure fit around the legs.


Easy Reusable Diapering System

step1 step2 step3

Using reusable insert inside
Stuffed inside the pocket - place one or two reusable inserts inside the flap opening and tuck them in nicely. Our smart front flap makes it easy to readjust the inserts inside the diaper.

Using reusable insert on top
Our cloth insert has a new upper layer made out of soft fleece. This gives an option to lay out the insert on top of the diaper shell with a fleece layer against the baby’s skin. If the insert is on top, it is still being held in place by a smart front panel. You can put one reusable insert inside the pocket and one on top.

Using disposable insert
Place one disposable insert on top of the fleece and secure it into the front flap. This will secure the disposable insert. Some parents like to place one reusable insert inside the pocket and disposable insert on top of the top layer fleece. This allows for a quick change.

Charlie Banana® Patented One Size Diaper is Hybrid
Charlie Banana® latest designed inserts now have an extra soft top layer made out of fleece. You have the choice to place the insert in the pocket, or on top of the pocket - see diagram. While traveling, or for any occasional situation the ability to use a disposable insert is sometime necessary. You now have both options. When using Charlie Banana® you can use reusable insert or disposable ones. Of course we recommend that you use reusable inserts most of the time.

Please note, that ONLY 2016-2017 One-Size cloth diaper prints and colors come with improved reusable inserts, which have a fleece layer on one side and can be used on top of the diaper shell as per Option 2 described in Table above.
Please look out for a new Deluxe Insert -Top Fleece icon as only those diapers which have it, come with fleece layer inserts included. All other diaper prints and colors (excluding Organic Cotton packs of six) come with our regular all microfiber reusable inserts, which should be used inside the diaper pocket as per Option 1 in Table above.
If you would like to order new Deluxe Inserts -Top Fleece, we sell them separately in packs of three.

Easy to use

  • First, open the diaper and place an insert inside the front pocket and a liner on top of the pocket.
  • Then, adjust the bra-elastic inside the diaper to find the right fit and press the leg snaps, followed by the other snaps.
  • When the diaper is soiled, simply drop the liner and its contents into the toilet and place the diaper in the wash with your laundry.

Good for your baby and the world

- Operation Smile

  • Charlie Banana® donates to Operation Smile, a charity that works to provide free dental surgeries to children around the world to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities.

- Project Child Save

  • Charlie Banana® also donates to Project Child Save, a non-profit organization devoted to locating and recovering children kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery.

Do NOT use bleach, enzyme cleaners or fabric softeners. Use a detergent that leaves no residue to avoid fabric build up. For best results try our Charlie Banana® Laundry detergent.
To experience Charlie Banana® cloth diapers to its best, we recommend you use the BIO LINERS and the DISPOSABLE INSERTS.
A WATERPROOF TOTE BAG to carry your diapers is very handy too. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or simply check our facebook page.

One size fits babies from 0 to 36 months (6 - 35 lbs.)
Newborn to 30 months (6 - 35 lbs.)
Waist: 10" - 24"
Thigh: 4.5" - 14"
Rise: 12" - 16"

Inner layer is made of soft fleece which is hypoallergenic and stain free.
Chemical, perfume and chlorine free.

Shell-Face : 100% Polyester • Back : Polyurethane• Lining : 100% Polyester.
Decoration : 100% Polyester. Insert : 83% Biconstituent Fiber (80% Polyester 20% Nylon) 17% Nylon.

Patent no chart

Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Great Product
I imagined the old clothes diapers with safety pins that my parents would have used. I was also scared of the laundry, but my boyfriend promised he'd take care of it. We didn't start until our daughter was about 3 months old, because honestly, I somewhat forgot about them and was in the routine of using the disposable diapers. We started and within one day I was hooked and will never look back! We started with just a 6-pk and then after the first week ordered our second pack, a wet bag, a laundry bag, and the Charlie Banana laundry soap, and a pack of disposable inserts for traveling. We have yet to actually use the disposable inserts for traveling because we found that the cloth diapers are just not the inconvenience that people were making us believe they were. When our daughter is wet we just throw the diaper into the laundry bag and if it's a "dirty" diaper" we take it to the sink that is located next to our washer and rinse it in cold water with a dish brush. As recommended on the website. It works just as the video I watched showed. When she's with her babysitter, we just simply ask she puts it in the sink w/ cold water. We take care of the cleaning when we get home. (As mentioned before, we went with cloth as long as my boyfriend would take care of the laundry, well, it's been so convenient that it doesn't even bother me. We throw them in at night and hang them before bed, and by morning they're ready to go.) At first our sitter was hesitant as well, but now doesn't have a problem using these diapers. Our daughter is now 6 months, but we have yet to have a blow-out or a diaper rash. I highly recommend this to anyone! Our family all gave us the "that'll last two weeks" speech, but even they are surprised at how convenient cloth diapers are now. As far as the financials go, it was a $300 up front cost. Yes, it seems pricey, but we have yet to purchase another case of disposable diapers that we determined would cost us approximately $150-200 per month. Our water bill has not increased, and we hang dry them over night so there is not extra cost there. The shells dry extremely fast, so if need be, ten minutes or so in the dryer is sufficient enough. As far as the pads go, you get 12 in a 6-pack of diapers so we always have a set on stand by that are dry. I highly recommend to anyone who is skeptical. It's worked great for us and we won't look back!
Reviewed by: Samantha from Nebraska. on 1/21/2014
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