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Charlie Banana Laundry Detergent
Charlie Banana Laundry Detergent

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Let's Talk Dirty!
Let's Talk Dirty!

"Ideal For The Whole Family Laundry And Your Cloth Diapers"Laundry Soap

Features of Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergaent:

  • Safe and effective for all fabrics including silk, wool, linen, cotton and high-tech microfiber athletic and waterproof gear.
  • Contains no dyes, phosphates, UV brighteners or perfumes.
  • Hypoallergenic - perfect for those who have sensitive skin.
  • Non-toxic and completely biodegradable.
  • Is safe on all high efficiency machines.
  • Will not fade your colors.
  • Removes entrapped odors from microfiber athletic wear and microfiber cloth diaper inserts.
  • Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent is available in a jar of 2.64 liters and one container of detergent can wash up to 100 loads of laundry.

Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent is specifically made for parents using cloth diapers, as well as families with newborn skin, sensitive skin, allergies or that just want their clothes to last longer. Because the detergent rinses clean with no residues, it is not absorbed into the skin and will not cause rashes or dry skin.

Because of the non-toxic, completely soluble ingredients, Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent does not clog fabric pores. Most detergents contain residues including suds, optical whiteners, bleach, ammonia, parabens, and irritating perfumes, leaving a film on clothes and cloth diapers, which clog fibers. Clogged cloth diaper fibers will repel liquids and cause diapering leaks.

Washing Instructions ands Ingredients

Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent contains biodegradable coconut oil based surfactants developed by detergent specialists who have spent years researching the clean formula. The dry detergent also contains all natural washing soda and sodium silicate.

Washing Instructions
Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent leaves zero residues. It works by removing waste material (as best as possible) while the majority of other detergents "work" by leaving behind a film of residues. These residues coat bacteria and human waste, and yes they keep them from the skin, but they don't actually clean it away. Since Charlie Banana® laundry detergent leaves no residue, it cannot coat bacteria, so one must follow instructions on diaper laundering for maximum effectiveness.

The best way to use Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent for Diapers:

  • The machine should be cleaned of all residues of other detergents before washing diapers with Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent. Run a full cycle with a few old cloths and two scoops of Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent.
  • Always use at least 1 table spoon of Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent for a diaper load.

Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent will rinse completely so do not worry about residue. Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent needs that full amount to be effective. More may be required for excessive stains. 

KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Caution: Eye Irritant - Harmful if Swallowed.

Made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Incredible CB Laundry Soap use in HE washing machine
LOVE LOVE LOVE this laundry soap! Our washing machine is an HE top load and this detergent is HE washer safe. We purchased 4 containers in July 2013 and have only completely used 2 containers. Today January 21, 2014, we have 1 full container and 3/4 of the other container left. "Why is this remarkable?" you ask. That is with exclusive use of CB detergent for everyone in our family of 5 plus guests! As for use on the Charlie Banana cloth diapers- awesome!!! They wash clean, no residue, no build up. I wouldn't change detergents for anything! Highly recommended for cloth diapering! I want to add, this detergent has been a godsend for our sensitive skin (even mine) and is so gentle on our clothes, they look as good now as when we first bought them! (And our bed sheets and comforters are super soft)
Reviewed by: Jessica from Fairmont, West Virginia. on 1/21/2014
Such a difference
It really is a noticeable difference what this detergent can do to your laundry. We use this on all of our infants cloths and of course our Charlie Banana Diapers. Once a week we run a cycle with vinegar and baking soda as recommended as well. The fleece in the diapers and on the pads have stayed as soft as the day we received them. As far as worrying about how long it will last; we purchased it 3 months ago and it we still have a little over half left. We wash her diapers at least 5 times a week and do at least 1-2 loads of her laundry a week using the detergent.
Reviewed by: Samantha from Nebraska. on 1/21/2014
Clean EVERY time!
I certainly did not want to ruin my CB diapers so I bought the soap too! If you want fruity, flowery scent, keep looking (which most will ruin the diapers anyways). This has a CLEAN smell and it won't harm little booties! A little goes a LONG way! I've been using the same tub for 7 months! I am nearing the end with just one scoop left. This is washing diapers every three days. I also used it on my doggie beds, which came out smelling CLEAN!
Reviewed by: Kristi from SE Ohio. on 1/21/2014
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