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Amber – powerful healing mythical stones

Posted by Neringa Pritchard on

Have you ever heard about the Baltic gold? Do you wonder what might be the secret of amber?  Let me share my Baltic knowledge and experience about amber. I am Neringa, a longtime team member of Charlie Banana, and I was born in the tiny Baltic state of Lithuania, where we honor amber since centuries. Baltic gold, amber, originates from here. 

The story of amber starts long time ago

The oldest amber found is over 300 millions of years old, while most of Baltic amber dates from 44 million years ago. Baltic Amber is a fossilized resin of ancient Pinus succinifera trees, living 50 million years ago - the resin hardened under the pressure of moving tectonic plates and weather conditions.

In written form Amber was first mentioned  about 400 years BC.  Antique authors were fascinated by this unusual stone - they called it electrum (ēlektōr “shining sun”) - the name given to amber due to its golden color. According to Greek mythology when the son of Apollo, God of Sun, was killed, his sisters turned into poplars and their mourning tears – into Amber.

Amber comes in many shades and colors and the most expensive amber is  whitish beigy color.

Nowadays we know it was traded at least back from 12.000 BC. My Baltic ancestors believed in its magic powers - amber beads were hung over the beds of newborn babies as blessing by the worshiped gods of the sea and sun and as protection against misfortune. Until today people’s imagination is captivated by these mysterious stones.

What amber consists of?

The Baltic gold contains up to eight per cent of Succinic acid, further ingredients are hydrogen (about 70 per cent), oxygen and minerals. This unique composition makes amber feel warm against the skin and gives it anti-static properties.

This material reflects the light of sun or moon in it´s very own way. Real amber swims in salty water, but sinks in salty water. Actually there are no other organic materials which you could easily compare to amber - so it´s not be surprising that healers use it in various ways.

Baltic gold´s positive influences on the health

Here in the Baltics you literally grow up with this golden stones from the seashore. We believe that in direct touch with the skin amber eases pain.  Amber is our way to help our babies to come through teething with less pain.

This is because of Succinic found in Baltic amber, a powerful therapeutic substance with many applications for healing. Succinic Acid has been shown to strengthen body and improve the immune system, and be an effective pain relief. The highest content of the acid is found in the Amber cortex - the external layer of the stone. When amber comes in direct contact with the human body, the skin’s temperature causes the Amber to gently warm and to release Succinic Acid into our blood stream.

We did with my two kids as already my grandmother did with her daughter and as my mum did with me. You can understand why we are so convinced that the power of amber isn´t a myth.  Further on amber is meant to support the growth of teeth, protect the immune system, reduce joint inflammation and promote healing in general.

I lived in Hong Kong for several years and observed that many Chinese wear amber to detoxify and to absorb diseases. Arthritis sufferers also find great pain relief in wearing amber bracelets. It is really a fantastic natural pain killer, that will not leave you drowsy and addicted.

Why amber bracelets and necklaces from Charlie Banana?

As you know Charlie Banana is all about natural living and so we wanted to add amber with its benefits to our assortment for a long time already. But there is a lot of fake amber on the market, made i.e. from plastic or pressed amber dust. Fortunately, we found a partner here in Lithuania who has the real raw material and has been in amber supply business for many years and has the know-how to produce amber bracelets and necklaces based upon Charlie Banana design.

Continuously, I visit our amber factory in Lithuania and witness the whole process of amber necklaces’ production - from raw amber color sorting, stone cutting, polishing into beads and beads collection into necklaces. I regularly select samples from Charlie Banana production line which are then tested for heavy metals as well for safety.

Charlie Banana safety tips on how to safely use and wear amber

Amber teething bracelets 5.5" or necklaces 11' and 13" are not a toy.  Amber teething necklace should be worn around the child’s neck and should not be chewed on. It should be removed while the child is asleep.  The string in each of our amber necklaces is knotted by hand in between each and every bead, so should the necklace break, the rest of the beads will not scatter. Please supervise your child at all times the while wearing necklace.

We hope that we have answered your questions on the benefits of the Baltic gold and that you’ll find in our amber collection something that would capture your fascination. If you have any additional questions or remarks we would be very glad to hear from you.




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