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Happy President's Day!

Posted by Olga Baker on

 How many of the US Presidents grew up in cloth diapers? History doesn’t say exactly. However, knowing that disposables didn’t become an option until 1960s, it is quite safe to assume — all of them.

Does using cloth increase your baby’s chance of becoming a President one day? We’re not sure. What we are certain about though, is that if your cloth-diapered kids do end up claiming the Oval Office, there will be no doubt that going green has been a part of their agenda since day one.

Whether you are raising a future President, her or his proud supporter or ardent opponent, you are raising the future.

So here is 15% OFF to our future!

Use code PRES19 to save 15% on anything on this page, all the way through February 18.

Happy President’s Day!

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