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Diaper Sprayer Set

  • $59.99

The Charlie Banana Diaper Sprayer and Handheld Bidet is an important tool to have if you want to quickly rinse poopy cloth diapers into the toilet, eliminating the messy need for dunking and soaking, and if you want to teach your children personal hygiene early on. Charlie Banana Diaper Sprayer and Handheld Bidet makes it easy to clean up sticky messes, and can extend the lifetime of your cloth diapers by preventing stains and odours from settling in. It is also perfect for rinsing potty chairs during potty training. It'ss easily installed and all parts are included.

Materials / Ingredients

50% Brass, 25% ABS, 25% Stainless Steel


IMPORTANT: To avoid risk of water damage, turn valve off after each use. We take no responsibility for water damages.

Hold diaper over toilet bowl and direct the spray gently to remove residue from diaper. 
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CB Tip

Cleansing with fresh running water reduces toilet paper use by 80%, which is an easy way to be environmentally friendly and save money. Americans use 3.6 billion rolls of toilet paper every year, representing the pulping of 15 million trees. The production process is also reliant on bleaching agents and other polluting chemicals. Both manufacturing and distribution impact carbon emissions. Bidets are a great gift to have especially during the post partum recovery period or during the menstrual period to wash the perineal area gently and often. Older generations might enjoy the ease of cleaning with a bidet as they lose mobility and taking a bath or shower becomes a marathon.


Eco Excellence Awards 2016