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When it comes to diapering, we all want the same thing: a diapering solution that keeps your baby comfortable, protects from leaks and doesn't create waste‑‑all while making cleanup easy and being easy on our wallets. This is why we created America's softest cloth diaper that is equally gentle on your baby's skin and the environment.

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We make cloth diapering look easy. Because it is.

Here is how it works

Pick your diaper

Choose supersoft fleece or natural organic cotton.

Add reusable Wipes

Try our double-sided fleece and organic cotton wipes.

On-the-go convenience

Disposable inserts and liners add convenience when you need it.

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Cloth Diapering Must-Haves

5 reasons why you should try Charlie Banana today:

1. Softness

Charlie Banana's renowned 'Signature' softness comes from fluffy edge-to-edge fleece and premium organic cotton that will keep your baby bundled in comfort and dependably dry.

2. Simplicity

Charlie Banana’s patented One-Size system is designed to grow with your baby—from newborn to 36 months. Once you buy your diapers, you're all set!

Our 2-in-1 system allows you to choose between reusable and disposable inserts—or use both for a solution that works for any occasion: at play, overnight, or on-the-go. And for easier cleanup, disposable liners make dealing with the mess a total breeze!

3. Protection

Charlie Banana cloth diapers are expertly designed to protect against leaks and blowouts. Featuring wide elastic at the back and unique, patented adjustable leg-sizing straps, our cloth diapers contain the mess like a pro.

4. Safety

Your baby's safety and comfort are our top priority. This is why all Charlie Banana products are crafted with carefully selected materials and rigorously tested by leading independent laboratories.

5. Sustainability

All Charlie Banana products are Climate Neutral Certified, which means we fully offset their carbon footprint.

We commit 1% of all sales to fight climate change and support environmental causes, and proudly support Operation Smile to help transform lives of children born with cleft condition through the gift of a new smile

This way, every Charlie Banana purchase you make becomes a tiny investment into a softer, kinder world for baby.


What parents are saying

Testimonial Photo

We bought three different brands of cloth diapers to try and these are by far my favorite. Our baby was on the small side and we had no problem getting these to fit snuggly on him. They're super soft. Easy to clean. Easy to use. Super reliable...they don't leak. I absolutely love these.

Star Star Star Star Star
Emma - May 28, 2020
Testimonial Photo

We’ve cloth diapered from birth and have a few cloth brands, but I love our Charlie Bananas the best. No leaks, softer elastics that don’t irritate baby's skin. They also wash well, and the liners are extra absorbent. Plus super cute prints! Wish I would have registered for more.

Star Star Star Star Star
Nicole - March 14, 2020
Testimonial Photo

I am head over heels in love with these Charlie Banana cloth diapers and inserts! The size chart made it super easy to measure my baby with and adjusting it to fit my little one was just as easy. It kept him dry for up to 5 hours! There was no chaffing or my little one complaining about the diaper. It is well worth the price. I highly recommend to all my friends and family!

Star Star Star Star Star
Maria - August 10, 2020
Testimonial Photo

I really loved these Charlie Banana diapers! They fit my 22-month-old great right out of the box. The wide back elastic was nice because it seemed to seal to his back better to contain poop. I love that these are adjustable from newborn through potty training and the adjusters were easy enough to do. I like the colors too and I feel like they would be good for boys and girls. The inserts were super absorbent as well. My son is a very heavy wetter and all my other diapers leak from one pee it seems, but these held it all in great!

Star Star Star Star Star
Amanda - August 04, 2020
Testimonial Photo

The Charlie Banana diapers are superior in quality compared to the other brands of cloth diapers that I regularly use. I have been using cloth diapers regularly for 18 months now. I have a very large boy. The size is super simple to adjust and very accommodating. They are ridiculously super soft. The inserts are super absorbent. They clean very easily. They are packaged super nice, so I highly recommend these for a baby shower and of course your own kids. I'm pretty much a happy camper. These reusable diaper are the top of the line.

Star Star Star Star Star
Ashley - August 01, 2020
Testimonial Photo

When first opening this product I was so excited. The diapers were so cute and very soft! When I put them on my baby I could tell he was much more comfortable in them then disposable diapers. I love how they fit perfectly on him! I would highly recommend these Charlie banana cloth diapers!

Star Star Star Star Star
Nikki - August 01, 2020
Testimonial Photo

I loved these Charlie Banana Reusable diapers. The one size system is genius with the ability to adjust both the waist and leg. The colors are cute and material is soft. They are a little bulky, but of course that comes with great absorption. I would definitely recommend them!

Star Star Star Star Star
Julie - July 27, 2020
Testimonial Photo

I have only used these for a short time but fine them super soft (I would love them on my bottom which makes them great for my little haha). They are simple to use which is also great for those that are just exploring cloth diapers, less snaps than most. I love the adjustable leg strap that’s hidden in the diaper it’s a very simple process to make it larger or smaller depending on babies thighs. These cloth diapers are a one size fits all makes them affordable and something you can use from start to finish. The fact that I can use a disposable pad while I am out running errands is really a nice feature. I will continue to use this product as she grows and will add more down the line.

Star Star Star Star Star
Ashley - July 24, 2020
Testimonial Photo

I LOVE these diapers! They are extremely soft on the inside for baby. I love the way you adjust the sizing with strap feature. I wanted to give my review because you don’t see a lot of reviews on here but the diapers are indeed great. No leaks on my baby girl. Beautiful prints. Durable inserts.

Star Star Star Star Star
Goldie – September 15, 2020