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Diaper 2 Inserts box Hot Pink Small

Diaper 2 Inserts box Hot Pink Small

  • $19.88

Charlie Banana® Patented Reusable Size Diapers are a great alternative to disposable diapers. Unlike the one size diapers, sized diapers run from extra small to large. Find the perfect fit for your baby newborn and up to 6 months, depending on weight and length. Cloth-diapered babies tend to experience less diaper rash, less blowouts, better sleep, and more comfort. These diapers have a smart flap for tucking in either washable or disposable inserts, giving you the best of both worlds. Cloth diapers facilitates baby’s potty training because they feel the wetness when they pee in their diapers. With fun, bright colors and designs, Charlie Banana® Reusable Cloth Diapers make every baby even more adorable. Eco fact: Reduce your carbon footprint. Disposable diapers take 500 years to decompose and you'll use 6,000 disposable diapers during your children's first two years. Leave a legacy for your children by contributing to a cleaner environment for their future and save a bundle. Each pack comes with 3 diapers and 3 standard inserts.
Size Diapers Size Chart
Size X-Small Small Medium Large
Approx.Age 0 - 2 months 0 - 6 months 5 - 24 months 20 - 36 months
Weight 5 - 10 lbs
2.3 - 4.5 kg
7 - 18 lbs
3.2 - 8.2 kg
15 - 30 lbs
6.8 - 13.6 kg
25 - 45 lbs
11.3 - 20.5 kg
Thigh 3.5 - 5 in
8.9 - 12.7 cm
5 - 10 in
12.7 - 25.4 cm
9 - 13 in
22.9 - 33 cm
12 - 16 in
30.5 - 40.6 cm
Rise 6.25 in / 15.8 cm 13 in / 33 cm 15 in / 38.1 cm 16 in / 40.6 cm
X-small is a ideal size diaper for preemie and newborn babies.
Ideal for all newborn photos opportunities !

Materials / Ingredients

Shell-Face : 100% Polyester, Back : Polyurethane / Lining : 100% Polyester / Insert : 88% Biconstituent Fiber (80% Polyester 20% Nylon) 12% Polyester


We recommend that you stuff your Charlie Banana® Diaper with 2 inserts for longer outings, during nap time, and night time. Some children are heavier wetters than others. You can have one or two inserts in the pocket. Do not use any ointment / cream while using Charlie Banana® Diapers. This will keep your inserts' absorption to its maximum performance.

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold or warm wash to a maximum of 40℃. Use cloth-friendly detergent with proper amount needed. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Do not iron. Tumble dry low or hang dry.

CB Tip

If you are hesitant about cloth diapering, try one during the night at first, as babies tend to not poo during the night. For easy clean up, top it up with a disposable liner, use disposable inserts when on the go.


Nco Excellence Awards 2016