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We don’t just care for baby but mum too! Check out our range of eco-friendly, super absorbent feminine care products. Like mother like baby.

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Excellent Eco Friendly Product! Goodbye uncomfortable plastic pads! These are so comfortable, so absorbent, reusable & eco friendly! What’s not to love? I will be purchasing more!



I’m never going back! Super comfortable! Very absorbent (never wet)! Stays in place! I’m in love.

Lawanda B.


The best cloth pads ever!!! I’ve been using Charlie Banana cloth pads for almost 5 years now and the quality is fabulous. My pads clean so well. I’ve never had to strip the pads or bleach them, With 5 years of use and no stains at all. Love love love them!!!



So Comfortable and Easy to Clean! Loved this, wish I knew about them sooner. Needed something reliable and sensitive for after the birth of my son and these were a lifesaver. They’ve been so comfortable and easy to clean up. They’re so soft which is great for after delivery! Will tell everybody to try them!