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About Us

Charlie Banana® was created out of love for eco-consciousness, quality and design. We wanted to design products that anyone would feel confident using on themselves and on their babies, a brand they would recommend to their friends. We wanted products that make you feel good on so many different levels.


  1. Eco-consciousness — At Charlie Banana®, it’s Earth Day every day. We go green and aim for zero waste in every product we create. It takes 6,000 disposable diapers to get a child through her or his first two years of life, and it takes 500 years for each of those diapers to decompose — but it doesn’t have to. This is why we choose cloth.
  2. Premium quality — We are committed to using only great materials and making products that last. Charlie Banana® award-winning cloth diapers are highly absorbent, offer leak protection and are easy to use and take care of. 
  3. Innovation — Charlie Banana® is the only washable cloth diaper that truly grows with your baby. Its patented bra-strap adjustment system allows to individually accommodate the growth of each child and ensures a great fit at all stages. We also introduced reusable feminine pads that use two snaps instead of one, which makes sure that they stay in one place even when you exercise.
  4. Stylish designs — Reusable has never looked this good! We have created dozens of cute prints and stylish patterns that please all kinds of fashionistas, including a collection inspired by the iconic Sophie la girafe®.
  5. Safe and healthy — Our washable diapers, wipes and feminine pads are free of parabens and perfumes, which reduces the risk of skin irritation, diaper rash and allergies. We use organic and OEKO-TEX® fabrics wherever possible and test our products under the strict guidelines of CPSIA USA and European protocols.
  6. Utter comfort — Charlie Banana® products are soft, touchable and made with love. We aim to make you and your child feel hugged every time you use them. All our diapers have wide back and leg elastics, which keep them snug and prevent leaks, while ensuring that your little one is as comfortable as it gets. 
  7. Economical — Going reusable saves the planet — and your money. Switching to cloth will leave you with some extra $700 - $1,100 by the time your child is fully potty-trained. To help you save even more, we also have a special sales page and send regular discounts to our customers (hint: subscribe for our newsletter for endless coupon love).
  8. Social responsibility — At Winc Design, Inc., we make sure that the workers get fair treatment and are well taken care of. Charlie Banana® proudly support "Operation Smile" and other non-profit organizations. We pride ourselves in being a small company with a big heart
  9. Trusted by thousands of customers all over the world — Since 2010, Charlie Banana® products have won loyal customers in 66 countries.  We are proud to support local retailers and small online stores. We also make customer satisfaction our priority, because we love what we do and love whom we serve.
  10. We keep it fun — Saving the planet is a serious cause, but we pursue it with a smile on our faces. We love spreading our passion for reducing waste and promoting sustainable lifestyle!