Reusable Cloth Swim Diapers

Let your baby get wet on the outside, while staying protected on the inside with our fun range of swim diapers.

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"We had to have reusabl with e swim diapers for swim lessons. This is by far my favorite because they stay in place and unlike the ones buttons they do not twist or come undone. There is no leakage in accidents. Highly recommend"

Carrie Ann sanders

November 5, 2022

"It worked great and was light enough weight so it was comfortable to play in the water."


August 25, 2022

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How to cloth diapers?

We make cloth diapering look easy. Because it is. Only 3 steps to master the art of cloth diapering!

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About our swim diapers

Seeing your baby learn to swim is a great joy as a parent. Our reusable swim diapers give one less reason to worry, meaning you can focus on what really matters… watching your baby splash about!