How to cloth diaper your baby easily.

Charlie Banana diapers are designed to make cloth diapering simple, while protecting your baby’s delicate skin. Our 2-in-1 Hybrid/AIO system is customizable to fit your needs, on every occasion — whether playtime at home, overnight, or on-the-go. For adorable results, follow these four easy steps.

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Get started with these essentials

We recommend picking up these essentials to start cloth diapering like a champ.

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    Our one-size reusable diaper is easy-to-use and made from the softest materials. Plus, it comes with two reusable inserts. We recommend buying 24 – 36 one-size (OS) diapers.

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    Inserts & Liners

    For on-the-go convenience, our disposable inserts trap liquids for added leak protection while our disposable liners catch solids for easy cleanup. To get started, we recommend buying one box of disposable inserts and one pack disposable liners.

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    Our organic cotton and fleece reusable wipes are gentle on skin and tough on messes. We recommend starting with three packs of organic cotton wipes.

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    Diaper Pails

    Our diaper pail made with waterproof, sustainable materials is perfect for holding dirty diapers until it’s laundry-time.

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Let’s do this

With the Charlie Banana 2-in-1 diaper system, you can customize for every occasion — whether it’s playtime at home, overnight, or on-the-go. Choose between reusable inserts and disposable liners, or disposable inserts, to create the perfect cloth diaper for you and your baby. Anywhere. Anytime.

Charlie Banana Diapers and Wipes

1 Stuff & stack

Our reusable inserts trap liquids while our disposable liners catch solids for mess-free cleanup. To get started, just stuff one or two inserts into the diaper pocket and place a liner on top between the diaper and baby’s bum. We recommend starting out with one reusable insert and one disposable liner during the day and using two reusable inserts overnight. But, remember, you know your baby’s schedule best. Psst… we make a few different types of inserts, including disposable inserts if you want to make clean-up easier.

Charlie Banana diaper adjustments

2 Size & snap

Our adjustable straps and snug fit snaps are designed to grow with baby — making it easy to get a customized fit. To start, just adjust the leg straps according to your baby’s weight — they can be adjusted from XS to L. Then snap the waist snaps so there’s just enough room to fit your pinky finger in-between the diaper and your baby’s waist and thighs. Our snug fit snaps can be overlapped or angled to give every little body — from chubby bellies to tiny legs — a comfortable fit. As baby grows, check out our additional tips on how to adjust.

Charelie Banana diaper and insert

3 Swap & store

Unsnap the diaper, safely dispose of the liner, and throw soiled inserts into a diaper pail until it’s time to wash. If any part of the shell is wet, or if you’re dealing with solids, we recommend putting on a fresh diaper. Otherwise, just use a reusable wipe to clean baby’s bottom and replace the insert.

Charlie Banana Diaper in wash

4 Spin & sanitize

When it’s laundry time, wash soiled diapers, inserts, and wipes on warm using cloth-friendly detergent and tumble dry low. Don't forget to sanitize your washer one a month by running a cup of white vinegar through your wash cycle.

Customize It the Way It Works for You

There are multiple ways to cloth diaper your baby with our One size diaper. Check out all the custom options.

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How To Adjust

The adjustable leg straps in our One size diaper are easy to adjust as baby grows. Use this guide to get the perfect fit.

See guide

The Front Pocket Option

Stuff 1 or 2 Deluxe inserts:
1 Deluxe insert for younger children or less bulkiness, or
2 Deluxe inserts for heavy wetters and overnight.

The All-In-One Option

No stuffing. You can use our deluxe fleece top insert on top of the pocket or you can put one inside the pocket. It's your preference!

The Hybrid Option

Use a disposable insert on top. For extra absorbency and comfort, add a deluxe insert in the pocket!

With Charlie Banana® diapers, you have the best of both diaper worlds! A true Hybrid All In ONE.

The Disposable Liner Option

With any of our diapering options, you can also add a disposable liner to catch solids and minimize clean up. Simply place the liner inside the diaper closest to your baby’s bottom, then throw it away once it’s soiled.

How To Adjust 

One Size Diaper Chart

Approx. Age
Newborn - 30 months
Weight 6 - 35 lbs / 3 - 16 kg
Waist 10 - 24 in / 25 - 60 cm
Thigh 4.5 - 14 in / 11.5 - 35 cm
Rise 12 -16 in / 30 - 40 cm


The adjustable leg straps in our One size diaper are easy to adjust as baby grows. Use this guide to get the perfect fit.
Step 1

Adjust the elastic strap to the desired size setting and ensure that the top part of the elastic strap has been fully pulled downwards between the first and second bars. Pull the elastic strap through the opening area between the second and third bars from under the buckle upwards.

Step 2

Pull the elastic strap through the opening area between the second and third bars from under the buckle upwards.

Step 3

Tighten the buckle and hide the excess elastic strap into the corner pocket next to snaps.


One Size Guide

XS 0-6 months M 15-18 months
S 6-8 months L 18-22 months
S 8-12 months L 22-26 months
M 12-15 months L 26-30+ months
If your baby is this approximate age, then the elastic inside the pouch should be set at that number.
*For general guideline - Diaper leg casing should be tight as long as no red marks.