Introducing Cloth Diaper Rental + Cleaning Service!

Loop x Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper Rental and Cleaning Service

Today we have BIG news to share! On September 15, we've launched Loop x Charlie Banana ‒ a simple, planet-friendly diaper rental + cleaning service that takes the work out of cloth diapering, so that you can spend more quality time with your baby.

Loop by Charlie Banana

How does this work?

With Loop x Charlie Banana, you can choose between two plans:


Rent once, use as long as you need.

Clean the diapers at home.

Pay only for the months that you are keeping the diapers.

Includes: 36 diapers + 72 inserts + 40 wipes + 1 diaper pail.

First month is only $11.99/week

Rental + Cleaning

A fresh stash delivered weekly.

Loop does all the cleaning.

Schedule a free pickup of dirty diapers at your convenience.

Includes: 36 diapers + 72 inserts + 40 wipes + 1 diaper pail.

First month is only $39.00/week

Why rent the diapers?

Renting the diapers allows you to try cloth diapering without investing too much upfront. Once you are done using them, just cancel your monthly plan and send them back. Simple as that!

I don't like doing laundry. Can you help?

Indeed we can! Opting in for our Rental + Cleaning service allows you toc spend less time washing dirty diapers and more time making memories with your baby.

Loop’s state-of-the-art double cleaning system removes germs, bacteria and odors much better than a typical home washer can. This is why every time you receive a fresh batch of diapers, you can rest assured that they are as clean as can be.

Where is this service available?

Loop x Charlie Banana program is currently available in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Vermont. If your state or zip code is not on the list, subscribe to the Loop x Charlie Banana newsletter, and we'll notify you when the service launches in your area.

This is awesome! How do I sign up?

Simply click Sign-Up on Loop x Charlie Banana website and enter your information.

Bonus: try Loop x Charlie Banana by October 15 and get 20% OFF your first month!

Have more questions about Loop x Charlie Banana? Check out the list of FAQ here, or send a message to: Our teams LOVE talking about fluff and are always here to help!