How it works

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How it Works

We know that cloth diapering requires a big commitment - from the upfront cost of buying your stash to dealing with the worst kind of poopy diapers - you know the ones!

Loop’s diaper service is different - you can actually save money on diapers (compared to disposables or your own reusables). It’s completely flexible, so you can integrate it easily into your life (and we won’t judge if that means mixing with some disposable diapers - do what works for you!) Most importantly, you can rest assured that you’re choosing the best diaper for your baby - a premium diaper with outstanding comfort and more thorough cleaning than you can achieve at home.

Here’s how to get started.

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Choose the right bundle of reusable diapers to fit your needs. Pick our Starter Pack for part-time cloth diapering, or our Pro Pack for full time coverage.

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You’ll receive your first shipment of reusable diapers delivered to your doorstep in 3-5 business days of your order processing. Start enjoying the signature softness of our premium Charlie Banana cloth diapers.

Convenient + Flexible


Send us back only the diapers you want professionally cleaned, at any frequency you choose and from anywhere in the United States - so you can easily take cloth diapering with you wherever you go.. To schedule a free pickup, click "Schedule a pickup" from your account dashboard.

Send us only your dirtiest diapers for professional cleaning (tends to be about 1 in 5), and clean the easy ones at home. When you do this, your lifetime cost of diapers is equal to buying disposables.

Convenient + Flexible
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Loop receives and checks in the used diapers you returned, and your deposit is refunded to your account (in full or in part, based on how many diapers you’ve returned). Deposits can be applied to your next diaper bundle purchase or withdrawn at any time. Get ready to order your next bundle and replenish your stash!