Elastic Replacement Instructions

Suggested instruction how to replace leg elastics on Charlie Banana One-Size Diaper

Introduction: You can replace leg elastics in your Charlie Banana diaper by following these steps below, and you should be pleased to know that you do not need to be a skilled seamstress to do that.

All you need is:

  • 2 Charlie Banana OS replacement elastics,
  • scissors
  • safety pin
  • white thread with a needle.
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Replacement Parts

Step 1: Open up the front pocket, adjust the leg elastic on the buckle end to the largest size setting available.

We have highlighted the old leg elastic in blue color so you can clearly see which elastic is old (blue) and which is new (white).


Step 2: You will need to cut off the buckle.

Start it by making a cut where leg elastic is stitched into the diaper just below the buckle. Please leave a little bit of the old elastic near the stitching.

Step 3: Now make a cut on the other side of the buckle and remove the old buckle altogether.


Step 4: With the help of a safety pin attach a new strip of elastic to the old elastic. Please make sure that the new elastic is aligned with the old elastic, so that size markings are showing on top.


Step 5: Now on the other end of the leg casing make a small cut in the fleece lining (only the fleece!) right next to where the leg elastic is stitched to the diaper. The cut should be about ½” long.

Warning: be careful not to cut the waterproof layer (PUL) of the diaper or the elastic itself.
 7.png    8.png
Step 6A)Locate the elastic and gently pull it through the small hole using the end of your scissors. Give yourself about ½”-1” to work with. Pull the old elastic out of the hole.


Step 6B)When pulling the old elastic at the same time, you will need from the other end of the leg to gently push the connecting safety pin through the leg casing. This will feed the new elastic. Do it slowly so that you don’t rip the leg casing.

Step 6C)The third image here shows the moment when the new elastic comes out through the hole at the back of the leg.


Step 7: Once you reached the new elastic, pull out a bit more of it from the leg casing and remove the safety pin connecting old and new elastic strips. Now you can cut off the old leg elastic close to where it is stitched into the diaper. Leave a little bit of the old elastic.


Step 8: Hand-stitch the new elastic to the remaining bit of the old elastic near the diaper stitching.


Step 9: Then hand-stitch the fleece hole closed, being careful not to puncture the waterproof outer fabric (PUL) with your needle.


Step 10: Go back to the other side of the leg casing to where the new bra-buckle is now located and cut-off the excess material next to the buckle.


Step 11: Hand-stitch the new elastic to the remaining bit of the old elastic near the diaper stitching. Try to match the distance between the buckle and the diaper stitching as per another leg.


Step 12: Bravo!!! One leg is done! Now please repeat the same steps on the other leg.

Well done! If you have any suggestions how to make this task easier, please send in your comments. Thank you.

XO, Charlie Banana Team