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Mother & Baby Awards 2016
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Charlie Banana is proud to be a Shop Healthy partner of Healthy Child Healthy World.
Charlie Banana supports Healthy Child Healthy World to create healthier environment for children.

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We love Operation Smile! A true blessing for so many children. . . more

2014 Eco-Excellence Awards - Wipes from NCW Mumii Gold Award– Charlie Banana One Size Nappy Sheknows award 2013 Mom's Choice Awards Stroller traffic Checklist
Eco Excellence Awards - Cleaning Products: Sports Clothes Detergent 2015
Mother & Baby Singapore Awards
Summer Green Scene Mom Award Winners Mother & Baby Awards 2017 Shortlist Mother&Baby Awards 2016 Shortlist Climate Action Eco Excellence Awards - Best Baby Gear: Swim Diapers 2015 Eco Excellence Awards - Sditor's Choice 2016
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