What Does Being a Woman Mean? We Have 9 Inspiring Answers.

Happy International Women's Day, our dear Banana family!

Every day, we women play a variety of different roles, solve all kinds of problems, spread lots of love and exercise endless creativity in juggling tasks and priorities — all while often remaining behind the scenes.

On this day, we decided to shine a spotlight on some of the most incredible women we know — our team members! We asked the women of Charlie Banana what being a woman means to them. Here is what they've said:

Gaëlle, Charlie Banana

Being a woman means that I get to wear nice lingerie and beautiful jewelry every day. That a man would want me to be the mother of his children. 

It also means that I get to envision a better future, build multinational teams and empower others to live more sustainably.

Being a woman is fantastic because you are in charge of so many elements in your life. 

Claudia, Head of OPs (Hong Kong)

Being a woman to me means being capable of multi-tasking, being independent and self-sufficient, yet embracing care from your loved ones at the same time.

Johanna, Account Manager

I am proud of all women, how far we have come and for the life-giving, nurturing, successful, strong, gentle, expert daily-life-juggling people we are.

I am proud of how we support and care for each other. I am proud of working for a brand like Charlie Banana and for being a mum to two head strong boys, who are growing up learning how to respect and appreciate women, as well as our beautiful planet.

Maple, Graphic Designer

Being a woman to me means I'm able to be both tender and tough, like winter blossoms.

Neringa, Financial Planning and Analysis Leader

For me being a woman means creating beauty around me, giving love, giving in general. At the same time — it also means being responsible for my feelings and not blaming others for them.

Nicolette, Head of Product Development

I am a mother, a wife, and a sister.  I am proud to design products for women.

Like so many other women, I lead a busy life and manage a dual-career family.  Yes — I am strong, but I am also flawed.  Yet I am hopeful because I believe that women – in all their glorious diversity - have the power, passion and positivity to change the world.

Olga, Marketing Manager

To me, being a woman means being able to create and nurture — new life, meaningful relationships, unique environments and your own reality.

It also means being able to feel deeply and understand others on the level that is beyond the reach of words. And also giving love, lots and lots of love, every day.

Sandy, Account Assistant

Being a woman means being able to be powerful and assertive, being strong-willed, compassionate, fragile and also fierce.


Being a woman means being strong enough to stand up for herself and fight for what she believes in. 

Sheryl, Chief Information Officer

Being a woman to me means being capable of solving complex problems, being technical and being creative.

Despite spending over 30 years in the male world of engineering, I still like to look nice and I love being a Mother and feeding my family.

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